Thursday Redemption 2


Danger lurks in her thoughts

It sings to her the melodies of fear

The doubles are at war

The survival game is getting intense

How is it going to end?

A dark life exposed to the light after 15 years or this weird attachment to the environment.

She woke up in tears

It pushed her limit

This dilemma is a slow killer

The earth’s energy is negative

Confessions would have dire consequences

Going cold turkey was the only resolution

That thought was destruction

Affectation was tempting

Inviting Betrayal’s wrath.

Jade was late with her protection

Her second soul brought salvation

She longed for peace

It finally found her

She was slow to realize that pain had vacated

Jade conquered her evil provinces

A friend, a protector

Freedom started to rule

A little confusion still survived

She just had to ask the golden question

What happened to us?

You had a…

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